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Both complement each other as the Zebra pattern on the skin. One is calm and balanced. The second does not sit long in one place and does not know the word "maybe later". But together they form a good duo ready for the implementation of the strangest ideas first with care and professionalism that other...

Magda Dybczyńska

She graduated from the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University and study journalism. With love ... organizer and explorer. For 5 years associated with the Scandinavian Leisure Group. Another five with Discovery Travel. Organized events on all continents. Opened his own company on his 30th birthday. Creative and ready for any challenge.

Ania Ulejczyk

Graduate School of Management and Entrepreneurship in Warsaw. Worked 11 years in the Royal Dutch Airlines, then 5 at Discovery Travel. With such experience could not do anything else but to take matters into their own hands.
Focused on small things, because they, after all, the devil sits.


We work with a great group of professionals. Our events support the artistic, sporting or training the best people in the industry, with which our cooperation is progressing well for years.